Hand-Knitted Woolen Big Teddy Bear


Chosen for softness and huggability, this High-Quality Hand-Knitted Woolen Big Teddy Bear makes a long-lasting gift. Big teddy bears make a big impression. You can wrap your arms around this big softy for a huge hug.

This Teddy Bear is luxuriously made from pure wool and dressed in a stylish garment. This beautiful Hand-Knitted Woolen Big Teddy Bear with super soft wool, deep warm black eyes, cute nose, and playful round ears make this Woolen Teddy Bear a must for every Teddy Bear collection. This Teddy Bear is made from all new, baby-safe wool has undergone stringent safety tests to ensure that it is safe for infants as well.

The Village Naturals offer high-quality Hand Knitted soft Toys that has come out of good hands, filled with good feelings, and meant to be specially for you and your loved ones.

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