Pahadi Jamboo (Baby Onion Leafs)


Jamboo is also known as Jimbu or Pahadi Jamboo (Baby Onion Leafs), this plant is also known as Himalayan aromatic leaf garlic, it is a herb that belongs to the onion family found at an altitude of 2500-3000m in the Upper Himalayas, commonly used to flavor urad dal or lentils. The Pahari Jamboo dried leaves are fried in ghee to develop their flavor.

The Village Naturals provides you with the best Natural Organic Pahadi Jamboo Sourced from High Rises of Uttarakhand.

Health Benefits of Pahadi Jamboo:

  1. This plant has the ability to cure flu and high-altitude sickness quickly.
  2. Jamboo is a great source of vitamin C and calcium.
  3. Jamboo is a good source of dietary fiber and vitamins.

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