The Village Naturals offer high-quality Hand Knitted soft Toys that has come out of good hands, filled with good feelings, and meant to be specially for you and your loved ones.

Every toy is handmade with love and patience by our talented Artisans. All soft toys are woven from 100% pure wool. No chemicals have been used for the painting of yarn. All these beautiful hand-knitted toys are unique, soft and cozy filled with the warmth of wool. All hand-knitted toys are decorated with fashionable accessories. All these products are knitted with the best quality wool.

The Village Naturals has a huge range of hand-knitted toys – hand-knit dolls, hand-knit soft bunny, hand-knit soft toy dogs, hand-knit soft toys, teddy bears, and many more. You have option to select from various designs.

Surprise your children or loved ones with handmade soft toys that are attractive and magical in their uniqueness. All these toys are especially safe for newborns as they have no sharp edges and are completely toxin-free. Give your children these toys that will make them feel safe and feel warm.

Please enjoy looking through our products and choosing the perfect gift for someone special.

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Showing all 12 results