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Our bodies are exposed to many chemicals in life, day and night. The healthiest way to restore balance, perfection, and beauty to the body, skin and the earth is to only use and support only natural and organically grown products, and to avoid any chemical additions.

Food Grains and pahadi pulses (Daal) available onThe Village Naturals are Mainly Grown and Sourced from Upper Himalayan Region where Farming, Harvesting and processing are done using old Natural ways and Techniques. Food Products Sourced from High Rises of Uttarakhand are Loaded with Fibre, Mineral, Proteins, folate, potassium, etc., and are considered for many Health Benefits.


  • No manufactured chemicals or artificial fertilizers.
  • No synthetic or artificial colors, preservatives or chemicals (including sulphates and parabens).
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).
  • More sustainable land management and regulars quality checks.

Make us your Natural, Organic store. You’ll be glad you did! Best quality assured. Buy now!

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Showing all 8 results