Jhangora (Millet Rice)

Jhangora (Millet Rice) is the quick-cooking food of the mountain, which is prepared from Jhangore rice (Jhangriyal). Jhangora used to be an essential part of lunch in the mountainous region at one time. But, in the new era, people almost abandoned it. However, at present migrants migrating out of the villages to the cities are also ready to buy the pahadi Jhangora at an expensive price.

You can eat Jhangora with lots of pahadi dishes and vegetables. The method of making Jhangora is also very easy. For this, first, boil water in the pot, but the amount of water should be twice that of Jhangora. After this, Jhangora did not stick to the bottom of the pot so kept stirring it. Jhangora will thicken in a few minutes.

The Village Naturals provides you with the best Natural Organic Jhangora Sourced from High Rises of Uttarakhand.

Benefits of Pahari Jhangora:

  1. This Pahadi Jhangora is grown in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. It promotes good digestive health and bowel regularity.
  2. Jhangora is easy to digest, as it is a highly nutritious gluten-free and non-acidic food.
  3. Jhangora is the most digestible grain available and is the least allergenic.

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