Pahadi Rajma Dal (Kidney Beans )


More than a hundred varieties of Rajma or Kidney Beans are found in Uttaranchal. Pahadi Rajma Dal ( Kidney Beans) has its own strong taste and high protein value. Pahadi Rajma is grown mainly in the villages of Uttarakhand and is free from chemicals and fertilizers. We collect products from the fields where this particular product grows and its quality, uniqueness and color are discussed with the farmers, how they have been grown. We ensure that the Pahari Rajma grows in a completely natural organic form, no artificial coloring or bleaching has been done.

The Village Naturals provides you with the best Natural Organic Pahadi Rajma Dal ( Kidney Beans) Sourced from High Rises of Uttarakhand.

Benefits of Pahadi Rajma:

  1. Pahadi Rajma contains a healthy combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Rajma Fibre helps to promote good digestive health and bowel regularity.
  2. Pahadi Rajma has carbs delay digestion, which aids the slow release of sugars in the bloodstream. It is the ultimate food for diabetics because it contains very little glycemic.

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