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Delicious Gahat Ki Dal Parathas Recipe/ Horse Gram Paratha

Gahat ki dal Ka Paratha
Gahat ki dal Ka Paratha

Gahat ki dal ke parathas are always popular breakfast items in Kumaon. The dish is a favorite breakfast dish in Kumaon. Regular consumption of Gahat Dal will prevent the formation of stones. It is beneficial to consume Gahat Dal more frequently in winter since we consume more vegetables that produce stones at this time of year.

Typically, people make parathas with cauliflower and potatoes, but if you want to try something different, try Gahat Dal paratha.

These Dal Parathas can be served as breakfast and you can place them in children’s lunchboxes.

How to make Gahat ki dal Ka Paratha —-


  • Gahat Dal 150 grams available on

  • Wheat Flour 200 grams

  • 4 cloves garlic

  • 2 Onion

  • 2 green chilies

  • Coriander leaves chopped

  • salt to taste

  • Desi Ghee 100 grams


  1. Make a soft dough by combining the flour and water in the vessel.

  2. The roasted lentils should be soaked for four to five hours and cooked in a pressure cooker for 3 to four whistles with salt.

  3. Once it cools, grind it in a mixer and dry its water in a pan.

  4. Chop garlic, onion, Coriander leaves, and green chili finely and mix it.

  5. Garlic, onion, green coriander, and green chili, mix all the things in the lentils.

  6. Make a peda out of flour. Put Gahat Dal stuffing in it and roll it.

  7. The paratha is cooked on a tawa by adding desi ghee till it turns golden.

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